In order to register for Early Childhood Educator training, centres must be a member of AHVNA. One membership of $100 enables any Early Childhood Educator within that agency to register for training through these grants. If you are an Early Childhood Educator and already an AHVNA member, that membership includes the ECE side as well! Training on this website is only available to Early Childhood Educators who are AHVNA members. 

AHVNA is proud to be offering professional development for Early Childhood Educators working in licensed childcare centres.

Member benefits include:
  • Exclusive access to the professional resources.
  • Priority access to great training.
  • Active exchange of knowledge.


We are committed to transforming their lives because we know that it will change the world we live in.

AHVNA is a member-driven organization comprised of interested individuals, community-based agencies, early childhood agencies, Indigenous-serving Agencies, Metis Settlements, Home Visitation programs, and Family Resource Networks (FRN). AHVNA provides valuable networking and training opportunities while serving provincially funded Home Visitation Programs and those working in early childhood programs.

AHVNA will provide release time funding to eligible programs.